Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Three of Cups

Weekly Tarotcast™: 3-15-16 through 3-22-16

Three of Cups


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Three of Cups. This card represents celebration and joy. Happy occasions shared with family and friends as well as opportunities to socialize and party for any reason – or no particular reason at all – will be highlighted this week. Be ready for good news about upcoming life events such as engagements or weddings, birth announcements, pregnancies – even promotions and career advancements. Whether the good news and good fortune are yours or someone else’s; enjoy the lighthearted, carefree freedom of spending time with people you like/love and celebrating successes, large and small.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life, this card represents the formula 3: sephiroth or sphere 3, Binah (meaning Understanding – supreme Feminine energy, or Yin) in the suit of Cups (Briah, the creative world; the element of Water and the emotions) plus Mercury in Cancer (more on that in a moment) equaling Abundance.

The Threes of the minor Arcana are the form, structure and first results or manifestations of their respective elements – in this case Water, or the emotions. This card signifies the energy of Cups/Water/Emotions in action – bringing a fresh perspective, an emotionally-based point of view and a deep understanding of events and situations.

Astrologically, this card symbolizes Mercury in Cancer, and rules from 10 to 20 degrees Cancer, or July 2nd through July 11th; so if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. This is water energy creating and sustaining life – nurturing and fertilizing. Intuitive messages, expressed feelings and emotional fulfillment are the highlights of this week.

In real-time astrology, Jupiter forms a trine with Pluto on March 16th. This aspect first formed in October 2015 and occurs again in June 2016. This is powerful energy for business matters, increased personal and professional influence, faith, and insight. During this forecast period, we may feel moved to give of ourselves to others. We may feel a strong motivation to pursue personal or professional goals. Our ability to influence and persuade others will be enhanced. This transit can positively affect efforts to better ourselves. We can resolve long-standing issues, or find a way to use resources that were previously hidden or unavailable to us. Our desire for success is strong. Our motivation and ambition increase.

The Sun enters Fire sign Aries on March 20th, and we’ll be more assertive, open to change and possibly impatient. Mercury also transits Aries from March 21st (through April 5th), inspiring independent thought and new ideas. However, we need to be aware of a tendency toward impatience and insensitivity, especially in our communications.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes hedonism, escapism, lust and over-indulgence in sensual pleasures (sex, food, drink, drugs, etc.)

Let’s focus on being cheerful, celebrating with moderation, and enjoying the fulfillment of love and happiness.

A little home alchemy: Power colors this week include yellow, amber, purple, maroon, indigo, violet, gray and black.

Diamond, emerald, jade, jasper, topaz and aquamarine worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us communicate and express ourselves lovingly and ensure our messages are well-received.

Mercury and zinc (not wearable) as well as silver (very wearable!) are this week’s metals.

Scent your home, bath and body with poppy, rose, valerian, lavender, lilac and vervain to enhance the celebratory atmosphere and keep communication smooth, successful, loving and positive.

Foods prepared with parsley, dill, rosemary, poppy seeds, lemongrass and watercress will provide the same beneficial effects.

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