Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Nine of Disks

Weekly Tarotcast™: 7-05-16 through 7-12-16

Nine of Disks


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Nine of Disks. This suit which is also called Pentacles or Coins, taps us into the energy of material comfort, financial security, and inner peace. We find a measure of stability in our finances and we’re able to enjoy and appreciate the material comforts of our homes, pets, and whatever adds physical and sensual comfort to our lives. Nature’s green, growing things – a garden, a patch of grass, a houseplant – all help to create a pleasing, harmonious environment.
The energy of this card also points us to ways in which our self-sufficiency can bring us a sense of fulfillment and completeness. We enjoy our existing relationships; or even if we are looking to develop a romantic relationship, or closer friendships; we can be content with our own company and find we don’t need the constant reassurance of companionship to feel at ease.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life, this card represents the formula 9: sephiroth or sphere 9, Yesod (meaning Foundation – sphere of Luna, where energy crystallizes), in the suit of Disks (Assiah, the Material world; the element of Earth – our senses and physical body) plus Venus in Virgo (more on that in a moment) equaling Gain.

The Nines of the Minor Arcana bring things to a conclusion. They represent integration, fulfillment and attainment for their respective suits and elements, in this case Disks and Earth energy – the material world. When it comes to anything with material value – actual money, our finances, property, and other physical assets and resources – this card is a welcome sight!
Astrologically, this card symbolizes Venus in Virgo and rules from 10 to 20 degrees Virgo, or September 2nd through September 11th, so if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. There is an element of sheer good luck – coupled with good planning and management – in this card. Unexpected job and money opportunities can fall in our laps this week, as well as chances for partnerships and joint ventures that spark our creativity and enthusiasm.

In real-time astrology, a New Moon occurred July 4th in Water sign Cancer. Cancer needs material and tangible forms of security to feel safe, and is the sign closely associated with the home. The energy of this forecast period focuses on things which represent “home” to us, the security and strength of our external (and internal) foundation. Our family, partners, and friends will be important to us.

Venus enters Fires sign Leo on July 12th and we may find ourselves craving – or generating – romantic drama. We seek admiration and appreciation. We are generous with our affections and our money too.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes greed, dullness or ignorance of spirituality, and reliance on blind luck alone to positively change our circumstances – a form of laziness.

Let’s focus on the positive gains we can make this week and be grateful for the element of luck that helps us gain security on the material – and spiritual – levels.

A little home alchemy: Power colors this week include sky blue, greens from pale spring green to emerald, rose pink, citrine yellow and plum purple.

Carnelian, jade, jasper, opal, sapphire and lapis worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will enhance our sense of comfort, safety and stability this week.

Copper and platinum are this week’s metals. I’d definitely go for the platinum if you’re fortunate enough to own some – and after this week, you just might be!

Scent your home, bath and body with sweetly earthy scents like chamomile, jasmine, lavender, lily, violet, rose, and plumeria to feel blessed and lucky.

Foods prepared with apple, strawberry, orange and vanilla, or teas brewed from chamomile or jasmine, will provide the same beneficial effects.
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