Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Lust

Weekly Tarotcast™: 2-03-15 through 2-10-15


11 - Lust

The weekly Tarotcast card is Lust, known in most decks as Strength. However, let it be clearly understood that the reference here goes way beyond sexual lust – it speaks to the lust for life, the vigor and enthusiasm that we experience when something captures our imaginations and sparks our desire to take action. This is also the card the Thoth Tarot deck swaps with Major Arcana card 8 – Adjustment (Justice), so it is number 11 of the Majors in the Thoth tarot. Good and confused yet? Don’t be!


With trust in ourselves and confidence in our abilities, we’re in a position of power this week.  We feel genuine passion for a cause near and dear to our hearts, to our work, to our creative endeavors.  Power flows through us and we can be persuasive and charismatic when we speak our truth with heart and soul conviction.


On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card travels Path 19, joining sephiroth or sphere 4 Chesed (meaning Mercy) with sephiroth or sphere 5 Geburah (meaning Severity). Crowley designed the Thoth tarot to correspond with his extensive study of Kabbalah, so he changed the order and correspondences of some of the Major Arcana cards, including this one.  Among his many (and in my opinion, more accurate) reasons for doing so was that this card’s Hebrew letter, Teth means a serpent.  He felt that the card’s energy more closely corresponded to the Lion-Serpent, which is a symbol of the power of the Kundalini, the life-force energy cultivated through yogic practice.


Astrologically, this card is the zodiacal trump of Leo (reinforcing again the Lion-Serpent imagery), in which the Sun rules and Uranus is exalted.


In real-time astrology, we have a full moon in Leo on February 3rd, the first day of this forecast period. This full moon will be conjunct Jupiter, and strongly influenced by Uranus (currently in Aries, Leo’s fellow Fire-sign).  Expect a fun, happy time in the positive spirit of Leo’s warmth and generosity. Truth be told, we can also expect some of Leo’s flair for the dramatic too. 


We’re also getting a breather between the penultimate (December 15th, 2014) and the final (March 17th, 2015) Uranus-Pluto square that most of us will experience in this lifetime. Revolutions – and revelations – with far-reaching consequences are still on the horizon.



Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes aggression, bullying and, strangely enough, repressing our instincts.  That may seem strange considering the card’s name and symbolism – but look at it this way – what if our instinct is to bully, browbeat or steamroll someone into submission to our great passion?


Let’s focus on channeling our urges into something positive rather than trying to repress them. Take a moment to look at the source of those passionate feelings and ask, “What serves my highest good and the highest good of all concerned?” We definitely don’t want to put out our internal fire, but we do definitely want a controlled heat – let’s barbecue, not burn down the house! 



A little home alchemy:  Power colors for this week include shades of deep, rich, ruby red as well as reddish-amber, deep purple and greenish-yellow.


Ruby, garnet, amber and diamond worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us channel strength and love as well as passion this week.


Gold is this week’s metal, wear it with pride and positivity.


Scent your home, bath and body with neroli, patchouli, marigold, sunflower, cedar and frankincense to spark creative and physical passions.


Foods or beverages prepared with hops (more beer!), galangal (similar to ginger root), juniper (gin-and-tonic this week!), orange, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves or sunflower seeds will provide the same beneficial effects.


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