Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Four of Wands

Weekly Tarotcast™: 10-24-17 through 10-31-17

 Four of Wands


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Four of Wands. We’ll be focused on committed relationships of all kinds, from business partnerships to friendships and marriage. Our commitment to others, their commitment to us and our shared endeavors, are all positively influenced by this card’s energy.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card represents the formula 4: sephiroth or sphere 4, of Chesed (meaning Mercy – the sphere of Jupiter and materialization) in the suit of Wands (Atziluth, the archetypal world, the element of Fire – our will) plus Venus in Aries (more on that in a moment) equaling Completion.

The Fours of the Minor Arcana are where the form and structure of their respective elements and suits are stabilized and nurtured for further development and manifestation. They bring unification, domestication, reflection, or gestation in events and situations.

Astrologically, this card represents Venus in Aries and rules from 20 to 30 degrees Aries, or April 11th through April 20th so if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. This is nicely tuned energy, reminding us that the Aries drive to achievement and success is best accomplished with the tact, gentleness and diplomacy of Venus.

In real-time astrology, the Sun entered Water-sign Scorpio on October 23rd. Just prior to this forecast period, Venus entered Air-sign Libra (one of the signs ruled by this planet) on October 14th (through November 7th). With this transit we can become highly idealistic about love and romance. Rough, rude or aggressive behavior is a major turn-off. We seek balance and harmony in our relationships. Venus is perfectly at home and comfortable here, since it is in one of the signs it rules. Venus’ energy calms and soothes Aries.

Mars (Aries’ ruling planet) is transiting Libra (through December 9th). Mars is in its detriment in Libra (Libra opposes Mars-ruled Aries) so it’s not nearly as comfortable here as it might be otherwise, and doesn’t work to its fullest or best advantage here. Mars energy stirs up peace-loving Libra. This can cause some hard feelings or unresolved issues during this forecast period.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes overestimating ourselves or our abilities, senseless and frantic activity, egotistical self-indulgence and vanity.

Let’s focus on the inner fulfillment, harmonious partnership and aspiration to spiritual ideals that this card can bring.

A little home alchemy: Power colors this week include Venus’ emerald green, spring green, sky blue and bright rose pink along with Aries’ scarlet red.

Emerald, opal, jade, sapphire, lapis lazuli (for Venus) as well as ruby, bloodstone, diamond, garnet (for Aries) will both energize us and keep us attentive to the feelings and needs of others.

Copper and iron are this week’s metals. Choose copper for its healing and balancing properties. Iron isn’t great for wearing, but in combination with copper (if the copper is copper sulfate), the two create sparks – like fireworks!

Scent your home, bath and body with wild rose, hibiscus, bergamot, plumeria, violet and magnolia as well apple, vanilla and strawberry to balance drive and strength with fairness this week.

Foods prepared with apple, vanilla and strawberry as well as everyone’s favorite thistle – the artichoke – will provide the same beneficial effects.

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