Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Four of Cups

Weekly Tarotcast™:  6-13-17 through 6-20-17

 Four of Cups


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Four of Cups.  This card’s energy is protective and nurturing, what we commonly think of as the maternal instinct. Caring, affection and the creation of emotional stability will be recurring themes during this week, and we will likely be looking for ways to express ourselves in terms of unconditional love. All of this can contribute to a period of relative ease and feelings of security; however, this energy borders on being too much of a good thing.  Attempts to bind, restrict or limit others under the guise of “love” quickly turns “mothering” into smothering.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life, this card represents the formula 4: sephiroth or sphere 4, Chesed (meaning Mercy, the sphere of Jupiter and the rule of law), in the suit of Cups (Briah, the Creative world; the element of Water – our heart and emotions) plus the Moon in Cancer (more on that in a moment), equaling “Luxury.”

The Fours of the Minor Arcana are where the form and structure of their respective elements and suits are stabilized and nurtured for further development and manifestation. They bring unification, domestication, reflection, or gestation in events and situations.

Astrologically, this card corresponds to the Moon in Cancer and rules from 20 to 30 degrees Cancer, or July 12th through July 21st so if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us.  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is very much at home in this most home-y of the signs – comfort, coziness and nesting instincts will be very much in evidence this week.

In real-time astrology, Neptune retrogrades in Cancer’s fellow-Water sign Pisces on June 16th (through November 22nd). Retrograde Neptune obscures and blurs life’s practical matters. We can feel a loss of faith and inspiration, becoming more indecisive, but also more receptive. Inner exploration is a positive use of this energy.

Just following this forecast period, the Sun and Mercury both enter Cancer on June 21st. As they travel closely together, the focus will be on how we spend our time and energy on effective and productive communication. The Sun in Cancer is sentimental, domestic and family-oriented.

Mercury in Cancer shifts our thought and actions to absorbing information on a more instinctive and intuitive level.  The theoretical and abstract hold less interest for us than what affects us – and the people around us – personally and directly. The Sun and Mercury working together can help us balance emotions and objectivity, a nice complement to the energy of this week’s card.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes possessiveness, as well as control and manipulation through emotions. It reminds us how easy it is to go from comfort to crushing boredom and from cozy familiarity to contempt – and the resulting winds of rebellion can blow pretty hard.

Let’s focus on the sense of being emotionally grounded by loving energy and enjoy restful domesticity this week. Use this energy as a way to recharge your batteries before going back out into the world, but don’t seek to stay here indefinitely.

A little home alchemy:  Power colors this week include blue, pearl white and silver for the Moon as well as amber, maroon and bright russet for Cancer.

Emerald, cat’s eye, pearl, opal, rock crystal and moonstone worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help you balance the need for cocooning with the need for outside stimuli this week.

Silver is this week’s metal – wear it to feel emotionally stable, caring and affectionate.

Scent your home, bath and body with poppy, white rose, water lily, coconut, gardenia, jasmine, lotus, myrrh and sandalwood to enhance healthy maternal instincts and your nurturing, supportive nature.

Foods prepared with watercress, poppy seeds, coconut, and wintergreen as well as tea brewed from jasmine or wintergreen (mint) will provide the same beneficial effects.

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