Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Five of Swords

Weekly Tarotcast™: 9-19-17 through 9-26-17

 Five of Swords


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Five of Swords.  Conflicts this week may result in a dubious or empty victory. This card can indicate how we self-sabotage and defeat ourselves in ways our adversaries could never do. Confrontations aren’t likely to be well-resolved, although this card can also indicate a narrow escape from danger or the lifting of restrictions.  For the sensitive, the pacifist, the mellow, and the easy-going, this card can indicate that you’ve shown up at a gang fight instead of a tea-party and you may feel ill-equipped to deal with the situation.

The Fives of the Minor Arcana challenge the order and structure of their respective suits and elements. Things get shaken out of complacency, stagnation or stasis. They bring a period of cleansing, regeneration, or reassessment in events and relationships. The fives keep energy flowing, or the solidification and stability created by the fours would degenerate into inertia.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card represents the Formula 5: sephiroth or sphere 5, Geburah (meaning Strength, sphere of Mars – motion, storm and stress, war) in the suit of Swords (Yetzirah, the formative world, the element of Air – our mental and intellectual processes) plus Venus in Aquarius (more on that in a moment), equaling Defeat.

Astrologically this card corresponds to Venus in Aquarius and rules from 0 to 10 degrees Aquarius, or January 20th to January 29th, so if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us.  Venus’s peaceful, collaborative and diplomatic energy is a poor match to the aggressive and adversarial energies of Mars combined with the Swords’ tendency toward discord and disruption.

In real-time astrology, Venus enters Earth-sign Virgo on September 19th, and we’ll experience a New Moon in Virgo on September 20th. Virgo’s practical, no-nonsense energy may help ground and stabilize the less-positive effects of this week’s card. This transit can intensify our desires and motivate us to focus on the details of our own work, and make improvements to our health.   

The Sun enters Aquarius’ fellow Air-sign, Venus-ruled Libra on September 22nd.  This transit doesn’t necessarily help matters – Libra’s gentle, conciliatory nature can get steamrolled by the harsher aspects at work this week. If we keep our focus on creative, positive thoughts and actions, avoid self-sabotage and self-undermining, we can benefit from this energy.

As Jupiter nears the end of its transit of Libra (October 10th) it forms some harsh aspects during and just following this forecast period: quincunx Chiron (in Pisces) on September 23rd, sesquiquadrate Neptune (in Pisces) on September 27th, and opposite Uranus in Aries on September 28th.

We may feel restless and unsettled. A project or cycle may have ended, and we’re temporarily without clear direction or knowledge of what comes next.  We may feel the need to make changes but not know what, how or when to act. Sudden rebelliousness and aggression can surface.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes engaging in deceitful practices, causing intentional harm, betrayal, or disgrace.

Let’s focus on drawing insight from our own and others’ motives and do our best to take right action whenever and wherever possible. This applies especially to the ways we handle and overcome our own self-defeating and self-sabotaging tendencies.

A little home alchemy:  Power colors this week include scarlet, emerald green, sky blue, spring green and bright rose pink as well as violet, white and mauve.

Zircon, amber, malachite, emerald, opal, jade and sapphire, worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us steer clear of no-win situations and look deep within ourselves for constructive solutions this week.

Venus copper and Aquarius uranium are this week’s metals. Only copper is good for wearing, but uranium can be a helpful reminder that power can be used for great good or great harm.

Scent your home, bath and body with pine, violet, rose, bergamot, hibiscus, magnolia, plumeria, and vervain to avoid senseless conflict, stressful confrontations and the tendency to make peace at any price this week.

Foods prepared with apples, strawberries and vanilla and tea brewed from hibiscus will provide the same beneficial effects.

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