Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Eight of Swords

Weekly Tarotcast™:  5-23-17 through 5-30-17

 Eight of Swords


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Eight of Swords.  The suit of Swords can be challenging since it represents disruption and conflict. On the positive side, it also represents analysis, intellect and ideas.  We can use the positive qualities of the Eight of Swords to understand that when we change our thoughts, we change our feelings and beliefs – and we can change our lives!  I love the Wayne Dyer quote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” The positive aspects of the Eight of Swords embody this idea beautifully.

The Eights of the Minor Arcana evaluate, organize, reason and communicate for their respective suits and elements. Their energy may lack harmony, but they can restore symmetry and balance. The eights bring justice, karmic balancing or rebalancing, order and structure along with the limitations and boundaries of those states.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card represents the formula 8:  sephiroth or sphere 8, Hod (meaning Splendor, the sphere of Mercury and the feminized Yang) in the suit of Swords (Yetzirah, the formative world; the element of Air – our intellect, thoughts and mental activity) plus Jupiter in Gemini (more on that in a moment) equaling “Interference.”

Astrologically, this card symbolizes Jupiter in Gemini and rules from 0 to 10 degrees Gemini, or May 21st through May 31st so if your birthday falls on or between those dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. The message of this card is that things are not as bad as they look.

Hod is the sphere of Mercury – its home sphere, you might say – and Mercury rules Gemini.  Adding Jupiter to the mix brings an element of luck, especially in intellectual pursuits.  However, as with all of the Eights, the influence of Hod causes this card to suffer from imbalance. Hod tends to be the “wet blanket” on all prevailing energies. Even with (mostly) good luck and a good outlook, we can still experience setbacks, delays or the proverbial “fly in the ointment.”  Since fighting is what Swords are all about, we’re not much good when the “fight” has been knocked out of us. But – it’s temporary.

In real-time astrology, the Sun entered Air-sign Gemini on May 20th and we will experience a New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.  With this New Moon, we learn by simply indulging our natural curiosity – and we improve both our people skills and communication skills by doing so.  We’re more other-oriented and open-minded during this forecast period. This energy harmonizes nicely with the energy of this week’s card.

Jupiter is retrograde in Gemini’s fellow Air-sign, Libra (through June 9th). During this retrograde, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to benefit from unexpected good luck and may even have come to, well…expect it. This energy also highlights the more positive aspects of this week’s card, and is a strong reminder about how much of our emotional response to situations depends on our perspective. “Positive” really is in the eye of the beholder.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes confusion, fuzzy thinking, fear of the unknown and crippling uncertainty.  When we believe a situation is impossible or that we have no options, those thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let’s focus on the ability to look at the ways we hold ourselves back. Taking the longer view can help us gain a fresh perspective on any situation or relationship. It will free us up and move us forward.

A little home alchemy:  Power colors this week include violet, blue, purple, and yellow as well as silver and pale gray.

Diamond, jade, agate, topaz, sapphire and amethyst worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will counteract feelings of “stuck-ness”, restlessness and absent-mindedness.

Mercury and tin are this week’s metals – while neither is really wearable, their properties can remind us that a positive boost to our mental energy will help us make good choices and avoid getting bogged down in self-criticism.

Scent your home, bath and body with fern, iris, carnation, heliotrope, cedar and honeysuckle to stay clear-minded and look for fresh viewpoints this week.

Foods prepared with parsley, dill, clove, sage, anise, cinnamon, mint and nutmeg will provide the same beneficial effects.

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