Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Death

Weekly Tarotcast™:  10-03-17 through 10-10-17



Author’s note: as is my usual practice, the card for this week’s Tarotcast was chosen late last Tuesday  prior to the tragic shootings in Las Vegas. I chose not to change it for posting today. 

The weekly Tarotcast card is Death. Although most people don’t enjoy seeing this card come up in a reading, impending physical death is not the message this card delivers. The Death card tells us that things are about to change in a big way. In the cycle or circle of life, Death is a necessary stage in bringing about the constant renewal of life. Transformation is the mode by which energy continues on, taking many forms – or even no discernible form – but never truly dying.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life, this card travels path 24, joining sephiroth or sphere 6, Tiphareth (meaning Beauty) with sephiroth or sphere 7, Netzach, (meaning Victory). Its Hebrew letter is Nun, which in one form means “fish”. The fish is a symbol of activity and life. The fish is also one of the foremost symbols in Christianity, representing life, death, and resurrection. In another form, Nun means “sprouting seed” representing life beginning anew.

Astrologically this card is the zodiacal trump of Scorpio in which Mars rules and Pluto is exalted. The sign of Scorpio manifests in three images and aspects – the lowest is the scorpion, the middle is the serpent (or lizard), and the highest is the eagle (or phoenix).

In real-time astrology, the Sun is in Air-sign Libra, Scorpio’s next-door neighbor on the wheel of the Zodiac. Just prior to this forecast period, Pluto turned direct (in Earth-sign Capricorn). Mars is transiting Earth-sign Virgo (through October 22nd). On October 5th we’ll experience a Full Moon in Mars-ruled Fire-sign Aries. Aries energy is assertive, active and always up for whatever is new and exciting. This lunation harmonizes with the energy of this week’s card and can help us move toward positive changes. We can welcome in the next phase of our life experiences.

On October 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio (through November 8th, 2018). Jupiter transits come in twelve-year cycles. This transit is ideal for growing something new out of something that has been destroyed or has died. Scorpio is the sign of re-birth and transformation. With the influence of the planet of abundance, expansion and good fortune we can experience hope and feelings of renewal. This is a perfect time to use Scorpio’s transformational energy to our best advantage.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes resistance to change, fear, ignorance or misunderstanding of the regeneration cycle.

Let’s focus on inner wisdom, consistency, and making room for the new while we clear away the old.

A little home alchemy: Power colors this week include indigo, blue-green and dark brown.

Topaz, onyx, nephrite and malachite worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us let go of whatever we need to release gracefully and joyfully.

Iron is this week’s metal – not great for wearing, but a good reminder of strength and endurance.

Scent your home, bath and body with patchouli, vanilla, pomegranate and heather to clear your energy and open yourself to embracing positive changes.

Foods prepared with ginseng, dill, saffron, pomegranate and vanilla will provide the same beneficial effects.

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