Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Ace of Disks

Weekly Tarotcast™: 9-25-18 through 10-02-18

Ace of Disks

The weekly Tarotcast card is the Ace of Disks. This suit is also called Pentacles or Coins. All of the Aces of the Tarot can be a bit confusing, especially since they actually have a closer bond with the Princesses (Pages) of each suit than they do with cards 2 through 10 of their respective suits. This card has the Princess of Disks as its Throne, and together with her rules the Aries-Taurus-Gemini celestial quadrant above the North Pole as well as the continents of Europe and Africa. Whew!

On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card represents the 1st sephiroth or sphere of Kether (the Crown, origin) through the element of Earth – the Tree of Life manifested in visible form, in the material world (Assiah). The Ace of Disks represents the root of the powers of the Earth element, the origin of matter. This card also symbolizes wealth and power – the material world as tangible forms of energy. We’ll be grappling with such personal issues as stability, security, endurance, reliability and our relationship with money (both positive and negative) this week.

Astrologically, for interpretive purposes, this card incorporates the energy, qualities and characteristics of the three earth signs – power (Taurus), success (Virgo) and the magic of money (Capricorn).

This card represents the possibilities for the manifestation of wealth, abundance, material assets and resources.

In real-time astrology, the Sun entered Air-sign Libra on September 22nd (through October 23rd). We tend to be diplomatic and very sensitive to the needs of others during this transit. Maintaining balance and fair treatment are high priorities.

On September 25th, retrograde Chiron moves back into Water-sign Pisces (through February 18th next year).Chiron retrograde will end on December 8th. In a multi-year transit cycle, Chiron has been slowly transitioning from Pisces to Fire-sign Aries. This retrograde cycle is beneficial for introspection and personal growth. This energy has been essential to Implementing and maintaining good physical and mental health habits. On September 30th, Pluto turns direct in Earth-sign Capricorn. Combined with the energy of this forecast period, we will be concentrating intensely on our own personal power and ambitions. This is a great energetic match to this week’s card and we may glimpse visions of how to make our dreams manifest in the material world.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes stinginess, greed and shallow materialism.

Let’s focus on personal success, the positive aspects of exercising our power, and the generous magic of money this week!

A little home alchemy: Power colors this week include white-flecked gold, as well as all deep earth-tones – greens, browns, ocher and also black.

Rock crystal, emerald, jet, tourmaline, quartz, peridot, onyx and amethyst worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us create and experience abundance and prosperity this week.

Iron and lead are this week’s metals – neither is good to wear, but their qualities remind us of the immense power and endurance of the earth element.

Scent your home, bath and body with cedar, cypress, comfrey, honeysuckle, magnolia, patchouli, primrose, sage and vetiver to heal your relationship with money and find harmony between the spiritual and material worlds.

Foods prepared with salt, all grains and nuts, sage, and tea brewed from comfrey will provide the same beneficial effects.

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