Dona is an incredibly perceptive, kind, no-nonsense tarot reader. She has a straightforward yet powerful reading approach, one honed by decades of practice and a clairvoyant gift. I’m so grateful to have received her wisdom not only through an in-person tarot reading, but also through two private lessons on going beyond the basics of tarot. As a burgeoning reader eager to learn more, I reached out to Dona to ask if she would be willing to teach me some of her knowledge. To my surprise and delight, she agreed, and my knowledge of and appreciation for tarot has deepened greatly as a result of her generosity and sophisticated teaching. I can’t wait to see Dona for more readings and lessons as I continue on my journey with the powerful tool of tarot.

Lauren L.
Chicago, IL


You (Dona) did a reading for me a few months back and said I had a good chance of getting an acting role, something that could take me out of town. I just got booked for a SAG independent film in Indianapolis so you were correct! I just wanted to let you know and thank you for the reading.

Stephen S.
Chicago, IL

I had the great pleasure of meeting Dona about 5 years ago and the greater fortune of having her now be a huge part of my life. It started out as what I thought would be a typical reading, inquiring about possibilities, looking and searching for a better future, but has evolved into a relationship that I could not imagine being without. It was a God send for me that Dona stepped in – guiding, consoling, mentoring, and supporting me as I lost one of the last and one of the most important members of my family, and then experienced later losses in other areas of my life.

I will never forget one day when I called her leaving a message that I was having a terrible melt down. Not wanting to let me drown in my own thoughts, soon after I got a call back . Though she had just a few minutes to spare before another commitment, she showed her caring, compassion, determination, and dedication. This speaks volumes of who and what Dona is all about.

She has thrown me a life preserver, working and working with me, reeling me in through all the rough waters. As she has told me, there will always be problems, that is just life. She quoted me one of her favorite movie lines, “Everything will be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright, then it isn’t the end.” She has also pointed out and proven to me that there are the good and wonderful things to look forward to. It’s helped me feel like the world is my oyster!

Dona is very gifted and not only is she extremely insightful, but her knowledge of life and the world we live in cannot be measured in numbers. She is like no other, she will not say I see “blue” and that is the way it is. She gives you perspective most of all, choices, possibilities, and guidance. She may very politely nudge you to bend to the left if it looks warmer, or say delicately “look at their point of view, walk in their shoes, you might do the same as they”, like she has said to me. And yes, she has been right. She gives you all the angles.

We have weathered many storms together and I am very ready for my next chapter in life. Dona has used both her wisdom and her sense of humor to help me. Most importantly, I trust Dona to help guide me along the way.
Barbara T.
Chicago, IL


I have been a client of Dona’s for the past 10 years. I always feel grounded again as a result of my readings with her. Her accuracy blows me away. I don’t focus on asking ‘when’ will something happen, but if timing comes up in the cards, she is right. One example – she told me in June last year that my home would sell faster than I think, and that I would move in the Fall. And that I would be happy with how things worked out with the sale. And, well, I moved in mid-October, and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. At the time of that reading, I was very worried about when it would sell and worried about the transaction of the sale itself.

I like to speak with Dona when I become worried about my career, too. I can ruminate about something and it’s extremely unproductive. Dona offers her insight and advice along with the tarot reading that knocks me out of the unproductive worrying. I come away from the reading refreshed and focused on the things I really need to do.

I have tried a lot of readers through the years, and I’m done with that. Dona is my only advisor now.
San Jose, CA


I have been a client of Dona’s for nearly 6 years and I always have such a positive, enlightening experience. Her readings for me have been incredibly accurate and complete. Not one to blow smoke up anyone’s skirt, she is always honest and forthcoming with anything and everything she sees in the cards. As someone who likes having the truth and nothing but the truth, I respect this a great deal and feel it offers me a 360 degree view of my situation. Along with her readings, Dona often offers additional insight and advice that is relevant to my situation and helps me to understand the cards as well as put the advice given into action to allow for the best outcome. I adore Dona and wouldn’t even consider seeing another tarot reader. She’s such a kind, warm soul who uses her incredible gift to help those who seek her out. I have always had a wonderful experience with her and I’m sure the same can be said for anyone who has the honor of working with her.

Mandie W.
Chicago, IL


I’ve been working with Dona for about 4 years and I always pay special attention when she begins a prediction by saying, “You can call me crazy, but…” Those are the some of the most insightful, accurate and helpful pieces of information I get from my readings! Through reading and coaching with Dona, I’ve gained fresh perspectives and learned new ways of facing and overcoming the challenges in my life.

Kathryn P.
Itasca, IL