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Weekly Tarotcast™: 10-08-19 through 10-15-19

The Hierophant

The Hierophant card

The Hierophant is this week’s Tarotcast card, a free Tarot reading for you. The Hierophant card was known as the Pope in the earliest tarot decks. He is now a high priest, vital and powerful, partnered with his Scarlet Woman. He represents a teacher, priest or religious leader. He can also be a representative of the law (including police officers and attorneys). The powers that be will be powerful indeed this week! We’ll contend with corporate, academic, religious or legal entities. Also any authority figures within our personal sphere.


On the Tree of Life this card travels path 16. It joins sephiroth or sphere 2, Chokmah (Wisdom) the Divine Masculine/Yang with sephiroth or sphere 4, Chesed (Mercy) Jupiter, the rule of law. Its Hebrew letter is Vau, meaning “nail.” We use nails to build and secure a structure. But we can also get “nailed” if we’re not careful and we’re doing things we ought not do.


This card is the zodiacal trump of Taurus, with Venus ruling and the Moon exalted.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Air-sign Libra (co-ruled by Venus). On October 8th Venus enters Water-sign Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are polar opposites on the wheel of the zodiac. Relationships intensify and emotions run high and hot. Growth and change through deep intimacy are indicated. Opposites do attract – the challenge is balancing that which draws us closer together and what may eventually drive us apart.

The Full Moon in Aries October 13th reminds us to honor both ourselves and others in our relationships. Leadership is highlighted. It’s easy to begin new projects. We step into our authority with ease, making this energy harmonious with that of this week’s card.

When Jupiter forms a minor challenging aspect to Uranus (in Taurus) on October 14th we may feel restless or frustrated. Our dreams may seem impossible or they no longer inspire us. Steer clear of get-rich-quick schemes or propositions that seem too good to be true.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes intolerance. Here is arrogance and a bad case of the know-it-alls. When structure and tradition go to extremes, they become a cage. We are in a prison, stifling freedom and thwarting change.


Let’s focus on our connection to our higher selves. Trust that mundane events and situations are guiding us toward our true purpose. We discover and explore our connection to the divine. We don’t need a human mediator when using this card’s most potent energy.


Power colors: red, orange, deep indigo, rich brown and warm olive. Our daily prayers and meditations take on a more formal element of ritual this week. Wear clothing in these colors while praying or meditating to enhance your experience.

Power stones: amethyst, citrine and fire opals. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones. You’ll feel connected to and a part of something greater than yourself. This would be a great week to walk a labyrinth!

Power metals: copper. Flexible yet strong. A superior conductor of heat and electricity.

Power fragrances: frankincense, rose, violet and hibiscus. Also coconut, jasmine, sandalwood, strawberry, vanilla or vervain. All will bring stability and a sense of larger purpose to your life this week.

Power foods: foods prepared with essence of rose or violet. Coconut, lotus root, apple, strawberry and vanilla. Also tea brewed from jasmine, hibiscus or rose hips. All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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