Your Weekly Tarotcast™: The Empress

Weekly Tarotcast™: 3-06-18 through 3-13-18

 The Empress


The weekly Tarotcast card is The Empress. We may experience strong urges to nurture and share this week. We find ourselves and others more open, receptive and compassionate.  Enjoy your home, have a party, serve comfort foods and indulge in rich desserts.  All activities centered on help and support – especially of children and animals, are favored with success.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life this card travels Path 14, joining sephiroth or sphere 2, Chokmah (meaning Wisdom) to sephiroth or sphere 3, Binah (meaning Understanding).  Its Hebrew letter is Daleth (which means “door”) and a woman’s body is the door through which we all pass when we enter this life.

Astrologically, this card is the Planetary trump of Venus. She is woman in all her many forms. Fertility is highlighted – in every sense of that word. New ideas, planting and gardening, seed money for investment or projects, and even news of pregnancy all present positive possibilities in the coming week.

In real-time astrology, Venus enters Fire-sign Aries on March 6th. Venus rules Libra, Aries’ polar opposite sign on the wheel of the zodiac. Venus transiting Aries is assertive, direct and bold in both love and friendship. We are attracted to what is new and unknown. In combination with Mercury in Aries we may be more cerebral in dealing with our feelings.

Mercury also enters Aries on the first day of this forecast period. This transit stimulates independent thought and bold, new ideas, but also rather impatient and sometimes insensitive communications.

Jupiter is retrograde in Water-sign Scorpio beginning March 8th (through July 10th). This isn’t the best time for our finances. In tandem with the energy of this week’s card, we may want to use extra caution and avoid extravagance.

If we’re willing to slow down and look within to gain perspective, we can use this energy to make later progress on our plans and projects.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes over-indulgence in sensual pleasures (alcohol, drugs, sex, even food), wallowing in self-indulgence to the point of egotism or narcissism, vanity, laziness and envy of others.

Let’s focus on the best energy of this card – embracing the power of the feminine principle (no matter whether we’re female or male). We can find comfort and strength inside our own skins, celebrate our bodies, and our Mother Earth.

A little home alchemy:  Power colors for this week include emerald green, sky blue, bright rose pink, and pale spring green.

Emeralds, opals, jade, sapphire and lapis worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us to nurture others and take compassionate action this week, a good balance for pampering ourselves.

Copper is this week metal. Since copper is supposed to have healing properties, this is a great week to see how it works for you.

Scent your home, bath and body with violet, wild rose, bergamot, hibiscus, magnolia, plumeria, rose, strawberry and vanilla to enhance the balance of self-care and other-care.  For a treat, take a candle-lit bath using pink candles and natural mineral salts – you’ll be channeling the positive energy of the Empress in just a few relaxing minutes!

Foods prepared with apples, strawberries and vanilla or teas brewed from rose hips or hibiscus will provide the same beneficial effects.

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