Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Seven of Cups

Weekly Tarotcast™: 5-21-19 through 5-28-19

Seven of Cups

This week’s Tarotcast card is the Seven of Cups. Imagination, fantasy and daydreaming manifest here in their challenging or negative aspects. Believing that every option is open means we may choose not to act at all. We stay in a state of indecision and confusion. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees with the Seven of Cups. We’re easily seduced and just as easily disappointed and disillusioned.

The Elements

Water nourishes life but also dissolves, dissipates and decomposes. The sign of Scorpio embodies the power of degeneration, death and rebirth. Spoilage and rot are a necessary part of the regeneration process. That doesn’t make them any more pleasant.

The Number 7

The Sevens of the Minor Arcana illustrate the motives for manifestation. The balance of the sixes gives way to questioning and exploration. Disruption arises from the search for the underlying causes of action. The sevens dissolve and deconstruct.


On the Tree of Life, this card represents the formula 7. Sephiroth or sphere 7, Netzach (Victory, sphere of Venus). Manifesting in the suit of Cups (Briah). The creative world. The element of Water and the emotions plus Venus in Scorpio (more on that in a moment) equaling Debauch.

Here is the error of believing that more of anything is always better. The consequences of acting as if that were true couldn’t be better illustrated than by this week’s card. That first cocktail is fun. The second is too. By the third (or the fourth for some of us) we’re getting sloppy. By the fifth – well, we may be dashing to the bathroom for some private time with the porcelain god – soooo not sexy.


This card corresponds to Venus in Scorpio. It rules from 20 to 30 degrees Scorpio, or November 13th through November 22nd. If your birthday falls on or between those dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. Venus in Scorpio is not at her best – the Goddess of Love and Beauty can be a bit self-indulgent and reckless in this sign.

In real-time astrology, the Sun enters Air-sign Gemini on May 21st. Mercury also enters Gemini (one of the signs it rules) on the same date. This active mental energy may be the literal fresh air we need this week. Avoid useless intellectual exercises such as guilt-tripping. That applies to both yourself and others.

Venus is still transiting Earth-sign Taurus (through June 8th). Venus’ rulership of Taurus is a positive blessing this week. Grounded and practical, this energy will help balance us out this week. Because Taurus can also overdo the sensual, some of the same cautions will still apply.

Another helpful influence for healing occur on May 21st. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and Chiron form a quintile. We find clever, creative solutions to problems that have delayed or blocked our growth and development.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes delusion and delirium. Sinking into a swamp of false or illusionary pleasure. Use extra care this week with intoxicants (of all kinds). Remember that building castles in the air rarely gets you closer to your goals. There is a place for constructive daydreaming, imagining and visualizing. But this week, there are many more pitfalls and errors in trying to escape rather than face your troubles.

Let’s focus on exercising good judgment. Temporarily narrow your focus to one plan or situation. It’s easier to stay on top of separating reality from illusion. Careful consideration may show us that a particular choice isn’t viable. We can then move on and realign with a more practical plan of action.


Power colors: emerald, sky blue, bluish-green tones, and rose pink along with very dark brown.

Power stones: topaz, ruby and jet (for Scorpio). Emerald, opal, jade, lapis and sapphire for Venus. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones to help stay grounded. Don’t indulge in too much of a good thing – or anything – this week.

Power metals: iron, plutonium and copper. Only copper is wearable but it tarnishes. That serves as a reminder of Venus’ tendency to overdo the pleasures of the flesh and the senses.

Power fragrances: purple heather, violet, wild rose, apple and bergamot. Also hibiscus, magnolia, plumeria, strawberry, vanilla and vervain. Use these to clear emotional, mental and spiritual dust-bunnies and cobwebs out of the corners.

Power foods: foods prepared with sweet basil, apple, strawberry and vanilla. Tea brewed from hibiscus or rose hips. Don’t gorge on or swill any of them! All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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