Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Five of Wands

Weekly Tarotcast™: 2-13-18 through 2-20-18

Five of Wands


The weekly Tarotcast card is the Five of Wands. There’s competition and conflict in the air – and these aren’t necessarily negatives. Be prepared to stand your ground and don’t give up or give in – but also keep in mind that conflict needn’t include aggression. Healthy competition allows us to showcase our abilities and prove our skills. Excited, heated discussions, debates and the rapid exchange of diverse ideas can cause the best to rise to the top or cause everything to degenerate into hostility and bickering. Choose well.

The Fives of the Minor Arcana challenge the order and structure of their respective suits and elements previously created by the energy of the Fours. Often viewed as negatively disruptive, the fives shake us out of complacency, stagnation or stasis. They cleanse and regenerate, and keep energy flowing so the solidification and stability of the fours doesn’t degenerate into inertia.

On the kabalistic Tree of Life, this card represents the formula 5: sephiroth or sphere 5, Geburah (meaning Strength, sphere of Mars – motion, storm and stress); in the suit of Wands (Atziluth – the archetypal world; the element of Fire – the will) plus Saturn in Leo (more on that in a moment) equaling Strife.

Astrologically, this card represents Saturn in Leo and rules from 0 to 10 degrees Leo, or July 22nd to August 1st, so if your birthday falls on or between those dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us.  Completing a triad of fire energy, Leo happily roars along in the suit of Wands and the sphere of Mars, but Saturn represents a heavy and unyielding resistance and weight. So, we have a strong, active planet in a fiery sphere and a fiery sign – all perfectly happy together – almost.

In real-time astrology, Saturn is currently transiting Earth-sign Capricorn (the sign it rules – through March 2020), while Mars is transiting Leo’s fellow Fire-sign, Sagittarius (through March 17th).  On February 15h we’ll experience a New Moon Partial Solar eclipse in Air-sign Aquarius (Leo’s polar-opposite sign).

This energy is great for problem-solving using new, positive and hopeful approaches. Since the eclipse aligns with Mercury and harmonizes with Mars, brainstorming in work groups or socializing with friends and loved ones is generally positive. Valuing our friendships and social connections softens any rough edges that might occur with this week’s card. We’re able to think objectively and detach in a healthy way from the more emotional aspects of our ideas.

During this forecast period, Venus, Mercury and the Sun will be transiting Water-sign Pisces. This gentle energy also complements the energy of this week’s card. It can help to minimize or eliminate aggressive or overtly contentious behavior in our interactions with others.

Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes recklessness, rash action, anger and poor sportsmanship.

Let’s focus on rising to meet the challenges we’ll inevitably face and masterfully settle conflicts and disputes with the best possible solutions and ideas.

A little home alchemy:  Power colors this week include orange, yellow, red and amber (for Leo) as well as indigo and black (for Saturn).

Rubies, diamonds, amber, onyx, obsidian and jet worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will enhance the strength, perseverance and persistence we’ll require along with creativity and pride.

Gold (Leo) along with lead (Saturn) are this week’s metals – go for the yellow or rose gold, absolutely!  And remember that the alchemists strove to turn base metal (lead) into gold – metaphysically speaking.

Scent your home, bath and body with marigold, sunflower, valerian, comfrey, musk and patchouli for a clear head, a strong and passionate heart, and a courageous spirit this week.

Foods prepared with thyme or sunflower seeds, tea brewed from comfrey and beer brewed with hops (consumed in moderation of course) will provide the same beneficial effects.

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