Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Ace of Wands

Weekly Tarotcast™: 5-14-19 through 5-21-19

Ace of Wands

This week’s Tarotcast card is the Ace of Wands. We’ll be experiencing bursts of creativity, enthusiasm, vitality and assertiveness. The Ace of Wands represents the root of the powers of the Fire element. Yang (masculine energy): creativity, passion, courage, risk-taking, initiative and action.

The Aces

The Aces of the Tarot can be a bit confusing. They have a closer relationship with the Princesses (Pages) than they do with the other 9 small cards of each suit. The Ace of Wands has the Princess of Wands as its Throne. Together they rule the Cancer-Leo-Virgo celestial quadrant above the North Pole and the continent of Asia.


On the Tree of Life this card represents the 1st sephiroth or sphere of Kether (the Crown, origin). Expressed through the element of Fire, the first spark of creation (Atziluth). This is the Father of the creative idea and the process by which energy begins its journey into manifestation in the material world.


In a reading, the Ace of Wands incorporates the qualities and characteristics of the three Fire signs. Bravery (Aries), generosity (Leo) and optimism (Sagittarius).

This card represents the potential for expansion, creativity, adventure, inspiration and positive action.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Earth-sign Taurus (through May 21st). On May 15th Venus will enter Taurus and Mars enters Water-sign Cancer. Venus in Taurus is sensual, romantic and relaxed. We express our love through action, so this energy complements that of this week’s card.  Mars (ruler of Fire-sign Aries) in Cancer can stir up our emotions. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior.

The Full Moon of May 18th in Water-sign Scorpio brings sudden and unexpected revelations in our lives. We’ll be deeply aware of any relationship flaws or imbalances. If we’re ready to make positive changes, we’ll have the tools and strength we need to succeed. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Show appreciation for the support received from the people in your life.

The Sun and Mercury enter Air-sign Gemini on May 21st. Your communication skills will be highlighted. New ideas and strategies come easily and so will sharing them.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes arrogance. Avoid over-confidence. This card indicates failure through over-ambition, or destruction through aggression.

Let’s focus on new beginnings. Engage in movement, development and optimistic exploration of future potential.


Power colors: the brilliant iridescence reflected from pure white light. The colors of flame and sunshine: red, red-orange, yellow and gold.

Power stones: Fire opal, ruby, carnelian, garnet, red jasper. Bloodstone, quartz crystal, tiger’s eye, rhodochrosite and agate. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones to enhance your fiery passions and creativity.

Power metals: gold and brass. Wear them with pride but not arrogance!

Power fragrances: hibiscus, red poppy, citrus scents of lemon, orange and lime. Juniper and cinnamon. These scents will enhance feelings of optimism about the future. They will also help us to recognize new opportunities.

Power foods: foods prepared with allspice, basil and cinnamon. Also oranges, limes, lemons, garlic and onion. Add some red peppers (spicy – how about some Thai, Cajun or Caribbean food?!) All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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