The Sun: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

The Sun: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

  4-13-21 through 4-20-21

The Sun

The Sun is this week’s Tarotcast card. We can enjoy rewards and recognition for our hard work. We experience success. We’re vindicated in our struggle to overcome opposition or obstacles. We bring tasks to completion.

This card is one of the planetary trumps of the Tarot. In some older fortune-telling traditions, the Sun represents the questioner. It symbolizes the face that the questioner shows to the world. Another, more modern way of interpreting this card is that the Sun reminds us that we are each a solar being. We are light-beings in physical bodies, here in the material world.


On the Tree of Life The Sun card travels Path 30. It joins sephiroth or sphere 8, Hod (Splendor) with sephiroth or sphere 9, Yesod (Foundation). Its Hebrew letter is “Resh” (meaning “head”), and if you think about the face we show the world, that makes perfect sense. We are solar beings in physical bodies. Our brains, eyes, ears, noses and mouths occupy the prime real estate right above our necks. And these are the faculties with which we connect to our world and also with the divine.


This card is – you guessed it – the planetary trump of the Sun (what else could it be?)

In real-time astrology, the Sun completes its transit of Fire-sign Aries this week. On March 19th it will enter Earth-sign Taurus. Mercury enters Taurus on the same day, joining Venus in the sign of the Bull.

“Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…”

The Sun, Venus and Mercury joining Uranus in Taurus form a stellium. Earth energy usually slows the pace. It’s good energy for planning a route and sticking to the plan. Uranus can shake this up and create disruption or surprises. It may feel we have little choice or control. With the energy of this week’s card, this may affect our public persona and reputation. The spotlight is on you. Pay attention because others will.

“Good day, sunshine…good day, sunshine…”

You may want to raise your professional status and make career changes. Be ready for unexpected offers and opportunities. Venus in the mix can bring a new romance out of the blue. This could involve someone in your same industry or with whom you have a business or work connection.

“I’m walking on sunshine woh-oh, and don’t it feel good…”

On April 20th the First Quarter Moon is in Fire-sign Leo (ruled by the Sun!) The Lion has a natural affinity for the stage and spotlight – even the shy kittens. This energy favors work and career advancement.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes arrogance. Egotism and smug self-assurance. This card too, has a shadow side. The Sun’s light creates shadows, so we would do well to avoid illusions or delusions of grandeur.


Let’s focus on enjoying success. Cultivate optimism. Remember results come into being through intention, decision and action.


Power colors: orange, yellow, gold and red.

Power metals: gold is this week’s metal. Yellow or rose gold are best. Wearing gold, we can feel the positive power and glory of the sun operating in our lives.

Power stones: amber, ruby, diamond, carnelian and tiger’s eye. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones for sunny confidence and a positive outlook.

Power fragrances: marigold, sunflower, heliotrope, orange, rosemary, cedar and frankincense. You’ll feel warm, outgoing, confident and positive (but not arrogant!).

Power foods: foods prepared with orange, rosemary, galangal, cinnamon, clove and sunflower seeds. Beverages made with hops (beer!) or juniper (gin!) – enjoyed in moderation, of course. All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

The Tarotcast is a free Tarot reading with a new post every week on Tuesday!

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  • Lyrics quotes: “Here Comes the Sun” ~ The Beatles (George Harrison)
  • “Good Day Sunshine” ~ The Beatles (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)  and
  • “Walking on Sunshine” ~ Katrina and the Waves (Kimberley Rew)


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