The Star: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

The Star: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

12-31-19 through 1-07-20

The Star

The Star is this week’s Tarotcast card. It inspires us to reach for our highest potential. We are assured of reaching our goals and aspirations guided by the Star’s steady light. This card is associated with healing of all kinds – physical, emotional and spiritual. Filled with hope and promise, this card affirms the eternal renewal available to all living beings.


On the Tree of Life The Star card travels Path 15. It joins sephiroth or sphere 2, Chokmah (Wisdom) sphere of the Zodiac and the Divine Masculine or Yang energy to sephiroth or sphere 6, Tiphareth (Beauty) sphere of the Sun – energy in completely balanced manifestation. The Hebrew letter of this card – He’ – means “a window.” No matter what doors may have closed for us, a new door – or more accurately, a window – is opening this week. Since either opening can bring in fresh air and new possibilities, use whichever presents itself to experience the feeling of rebirth and renewal. This is the card of hope – the promise of things yet unseen and still-to-come.


The Star is the zodiacal trump of Aquarius, in which Saturn rules and Neptune is exalted. This attribution is based in ancient astrology. The more modern attribution is that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Also, Aquarius, the water-bearer is actually an Air sign – commonly mistaken for one of the water signs.

In real-time astrology,  the Sun continues its transit of Earth-sign Capricorn. In ancient times, Saturn was the co-ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Though these signs seem to be opposites, they share the influence of Saturn in their ability to persevere in the face of hardship. Capricorn through earthy resolve and steadfastness, Aquarius through airy adaptability and the ability to bend without breaking.

We are still feeling the influence of the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Our focus remains on career, reputation and public achievements. This is a time of new beginnings. While we’re enjoying our successes, we can set realistic, attainable goals. This energy is quite compatible with that of this week’s card.

This Solar Eclipse occurred near a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, filling us with optimism. Along with the upcoming Saturn and Pluto conjunction we can tear down so that we can rebuild stronger and better. This is a creative, productive time.

Venus is currently transiting Aquarius; Mercury is transiting Capricorn. There is a doubling or mirroring of energy compatible to that of this week’s card. Our emotions are tuned to compassion for humanity. Our communication skills are use to promote practical, beneficial prospects in business and resource management.

Finally, on January 3rd Mars enters Fire-sign Sagittarius. Active, assertive Mars is at home in the energetic sign of the Archer. Action and initiative come easily and we’re willing to forge ahead. The sky’s the limit – reach for what you want. Expand your horizons and explore possibilities.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of the Star card includes falling into illusions, denial of facts or escape from reality. Though we’re encouraged to hope, we’re also cautioned to avoid going overboard into pigs-fly-to-the-moon territory.


Let’s focus on the fresh promise apparent in all areas of our lives – personal and professional, platonic and romantic.


Power colors: this week include violet, sky blue, mauve, white and pale purple.

Power stones: Zircon, amber, malachite, aquamarine, rose quartz, sapphire or lapis worn as jewelry or carried as power stones will help us intuitively sense the order of the Universe, the rightness of things as they are in this present moment as well as the opportunities and rewards that will be realized in the future.

Power metal: Uranium is this week metal – absolutely not wearable, but extremely valuable and a good reminder of how we can choose to harness tremendous power for either positive or destructive ends.

Power fragrances: Scent your home, bath and body with jasmine, rose and almond to make it easy to go with the flow – since Aquarius is the Water-Bearer, a luxurious bath or a trip to the spa (especially if you invite a friend) will be a special treat this week.

Power foods: foods prepared with almonds, and rose hip or jasmine teas, along with drinking plenty of pure, fresh water and breathing fresh outdoor air will provide the same beneficial effects.


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