The Priestess: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

The Priestess: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

1-07-20 through 1-14-20

The Priestess

The Priestess is this week’s Tarotcast card. This card is also known as The High Priestess. Our intuition and inspiration will be flowing this week. The Priestess is the embodiment of feminine consciousness. She is the Yin principle and she guards the gate of the unconscious. Her purity and virginity are spiritual rather than physical. Her veil is like a bridal veil; only the initiate of the Light may lift it.

The Priestess’ invitation to us is to look within for our answers, she knows but doesn’t tell. We’re able to unravel mysteries and discover hidden information this week. This doesn’t mean we get to pry or spy. But answers come to us if we tap into our psychic abilities, intuition and dreams. We can trust what we see and feel with our inner senses.


On the Tree of Life, The Priestess travels Path 13. This card joins sephiroth or sphere 1, Kether (the Crown) to sephiroth or sphere 6, Tiphareth (Beauty). Its Hebrew letter is Gimel which means “camel”. Think that’s odd? The Priestess traverses the Abyss – the desert of the soul. Like the camel crossing the desert, she is ideally suited to crossing the wasteland.


The Priestess card is the planetary trump of the Moon. She represents the Moon in its highest aspect – the aspect that joins the human to the divine.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Earth-sign Capricorn. There is plenty of polar-opposite activity both Capricorn and Water-sign Cancer this week. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. These complementary energies can stretch us beyond our known limits in positive ways.

On January 8th, Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncts the South node in Cancer. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. This energy brings intense awareness of any flaws in the order and structure of our lives. Prepare for heightened emotional awareness. Illumination of hidden information occurs. This aligns with the energy of the Priestess.

When Saturn aligns with Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, we’ll focus on our goals. We’re ambitious and primed for success. We focus on new or renewed dedication and commitment to our careers or other aspects of our life.

Both Capricorn and Cancer prize stability and security. During this forecast period, it’s important to avoid fear. That may be fear of losing financial or other material resources. Or it may be a fear of the loss of status or reputation. Also beware of power grabs or abuse of personal and professional power.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of the Priestess includes falling into illusions. Phoniness and escape from reality. Lunar energy – like lunar light – can be deceptive and seductive. We can’t be careless or trust only in our physical vision.


Let’s focus on openness and receptivity. Remain aware that not everything is as it appears on the surface. Let’s process information rather than accepting anything at face value.


Power colors: silver, pearlescent white and cool, pale blue.

Power stones: chalcedony, clear crystals, opals or moonstones. Wear as jewelry or carry as power stones to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities. They will help us see the truth of the matters at hand.

Power metal: silver. Wear it for its clear, bright light. Silver is one of the most reflective of all precious metals. It is the “whitest” of them and is also the most electrically conductive.

Power fragrances: poppy, lily, white rose, gardenia, jasmine, lotus flower, myrrh and sandalwood. These will purify and cleanse mind, body and spirit and invite clear inner vision.

Power foods: coconut, lotus root, poppy seeds, cloves and wintergreen (mint). Also, tea brewed with jasmine or mint. All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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