Six of Swords: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

Six of Swords: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

3-17-20 through 3-24-20

Six of Swords

This week’s Tarotcast card is the Six of Swords. This week we’re moving along on our journey. We find a gateway to new solutions for our problems. We are distancing ourselves from the past. Swords represent the intellect and mental processes. We are clear-headed and our ability to focus and concentrate is excellent. Intense curiosity and analytical thinking are also signified by this card.

The Elements

In the Six of Swords, the intellectual processes of Air use the scientific method. Creative evaluation and communication follow.

The Number 6

The sixes of the Minor Arcana restore harmony, balance and the energy of success. They address the disruption caused by the fives. The sixes bring affirmation, confirmation, validation and solidification. In the Six of Swords, the Air element acts as the force of creative intelligence.


On the Tree of Life, the Six of Swords represents the formula 6. Sephiroth or sphere 6, Tiphareth (Beauty) sphere of the Sun. Here energy manifests in a completely balanced way. In the suit of Swords (Yetzirah), the formative world. The element of Air -our mental and intellectual processes. Plus, Mercury in Aquarius equaling Science.


The Six of Swords corresponds to Mercury in Aquarius. It rules from 10 to 20 degrees Aquarius, or January 30th to February 8th. If your birthday falls on or between those dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. Intellectual balance is at home here. Through the application of right thinking and right action, we’ve earned – or are earning – our success.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Water-sign Pisces. Post-retrograde Mercury is also transiting Pisces after a brief period in Aquarius. Through March 29th, we’ll approach recent decisions and discussions with a fresh perspective. Research or planning done during retrograde can now move forward. Give it a once-over and act.

When the Sun enters Aries on March 19, the call to action will be even stronger. Keep your head but move your feet.

On March 21 Saturn begins a brief transit of Aquarius. It will make a return visit to Capricorn, then a longer transit of Aquarius starts December 17th. Use this energy to clean up and clear out what no longer serves. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Simplify. Use technology to connect. Plans, goals and dreams become practical.

The Aries New Moon on March 24 brings a fresh start. We can act without fear on our pure and innocent impulses. The time for over-thinking or worrying about what others think is over. Self-reliance gives us integrity, confidence and an aura of strength.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes skepticism. Also mistrust, prejudicial or overly critical and judgmental thinking.


Let’s focus on our search for truth with objectivity. Use holistic thinking and intense analysis for constructive purposes!


Power colors: yellow, purple, grey, violet, indigo and salmon pink.

Power stones: jade, jasper, topaz, aquamarine as well as amber and malachite. Wear as jewelry or carry as power stones to keep your head clear and your thoughts balanced this week.

Power metals: uranium, mercury and zinc are this week’s metals. None are wearable and two are untouchable. A little zinc oxide on your nose will prevent sunburn there, though. Remember both uranium and mercury are excellent servants when properly used.

Power fragrances: cornflower, lilac, vervain (verbena), snowdrop and foxglove. These will enhance your intellectual and analytical powers this week.

Power foods: foods prepared with parsley, dill, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint and mace. All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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