Four of Cups: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading


Four of Cups: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

  1-05-21 through 1-12-21

 Four of Cups

The Four of Cups is this week’s Tarotcast card. The Four of Cups card is protective and nurturing. These are qualities associated with the maternal instinct. Caring, affection and emotional stability will be recurring themes during this week.

We will likely be looking for ways to express unconditional love. This can contribute to a period of relative ease and feelings of security. Yet, this energy borders on being too much of a good thing. “Mothering” turns into smothering when we attempt to bind, restrict or limit others in the name of “love”.

The Elements

The fluid element of Water does not contain itself or conform to structure. Unstable liquid needs something outside itself to impose order.

The Number 4

The Fours of the Minor Arcana bring form and structure to their respective elements. Here is stability and nurturing for further development and manifestation. The Fours bring unification, domestication, reflection, or gestation to events and situations.


On the Tree of Life, the Four of Cups card represents the formula 4. Sephiroth or sphere 4, Chesed (Mercy), the sphere of Jupiter and the rule of law. In the suit of Cups (Briah, the Creative world); the element of Water – our heart and emotions. Plus the Moon in Cancer, equaling “Luxury.”


The Four of Cups card corresponds to the Moon in Cancer. It rules from 20 to 30 degrees Cancer, or July 12th through July 21st. If your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is very much at home in this most home-y of the signs. Comfort, coziness and nesting instincts will be very much in evidence this week.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Earth-sign Capricorn. Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites on the wheel of the Zodiac. Cancer is the Mother, Capricorn is the Elder, Wise-Woman or Crone.

“Mother, you had me but I never had you. I wanted you, you didn’t want me. So I, I just got to tell you… goodbye…”

We’re likely still feeling the effects of the Full Moon in Cancer. Full Moons bring things to fruition. They bring the beginning of the end, and it’s time to say goodbye. Most of us didn’t mind showing 2020 out the door. Still, some endings can be difficult. Take care of yourself, breathe.

As Mars enters Earth-sign Taurus on January 6th we are stubborn. This energy is patient and passive until provoked. We’re willing to bide our time for long-term satisfaction.

“Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls? Ooh… mother, should I build the wall?”

On January 8th Mercury enters Air-sign Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn. You may find yourself dealing with people who have progressive ideas. Yet, they may also hold conservative core values too. Or, you may be discovering those paradoxes within yourself. This energy highlights the tension in this week’s card. We strive to strike a balance between security and stagnation.

The January 13th New Moon in Capricorn is the first new moon of the year. This helps brings our goals for the year into focus. With Capricorn’s practical resolve and perseverance, we’ll succeed.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of the Four of Cups includes possessiveness. Attempts to control and manipulate through the emotions. It reminds us how easy it is to go from comfort to crushing boredom. Sliding from cozy familiarity into contempt, the winds of rebellion can blow hard.


Let’s focus on the sense of emotional grounding through loving energy. Enjoy restful domesticity this week, knowing it is a temporary state. Use this energy to recharge your batteries before going back out into the world. You can’t stay here forever.


Power colors: blue, pearl white and silver for the Moon as well as amber, maroon and bright russet for Cancer.

Power stones: emerald, cat’s eye, pearl, opal, rock crystal and moonstone. Wear as jewelry or carry as power stones. They will help you balance the need for cocooning with the need for outside stimuli.

Power metal: silver. Wear it to feel stable, caring and affectionate.

Power fragrances: poppy, white rose, water lily, coconut and gardenia. Jasmine, lotus, myrrh and sandalwood. These will enhance healthy maternal instincts. Your nurturing, supportive nature also knows when to let go.

Power foods: foods prepared with watercress, poppy seeds, coconut, and wintergreen. Tea brewed from jasmine or wintergreen (mint). All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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