Ace of Cups: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

Ace of Cups: Weekly Tarotcast™ – Free Tarot Reading

  7-07-20 through 7-14-20

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is this week’s Tarotcast card. The aces of the Tarot are the source or seed of their element’s energy. The Ace of Cups embodies the intrinsic powers of the element of Water. Fluidity, receptivity, Yin (Female) energy and water’s power to reflect are all contained in the Ace of Cups. The water element also symbolizes our emotions. The Ace represents our potential to feel and express a range of emotions.

All the Aces of the Tarot can be a bit confusing. They correspond closely to the Princesses (Pages) of each suit. That connection is stronger than that with cards 2 through 10 of their respective suits. This card has the Princess of Cups as its throne. Together they rule the Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius celestial quadrant. This is the quadrant of the area above the North Pole and the Pacific Rim. Whew!

The Ace of Cups card represents the possibilities of desire for harmonious union. Love and affection. The mystery of romantic attraction, although all types of love can come into our lives this week.

We are ready to go to the core of our hearts and souls, and we are open and receptive to the deepest feelings of others too. The Ace of Cups holds a sense of newness – birth or rebirth. All things “new” will have a strong appeal. A new love, a new start, a new-found appreciation for life, new (or renewed) emotional connections.


On the Tree of Life this card represents the 1st sephiroth or sphere of Kether (the Crown, origin). Perceived through the element of Water; Briah, the Creative world. The divine soul, intuition.


The Ace of Cups incorporates the energy, qualities and characteristics of the three water signs. Sensitivity (Cancer), desire (Scorpio) and mysticism (Pisces).

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Water-sign Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal sign – the leaders and originators of their astrological elements. Cardinal signs make plans and take action. The best use of this energy in this forecast period is to manifest what we most love and value. Sow the seeds of new projects nearest and dearest to your heart’s desire.

Jupiter and Saturn remains retrograde in Capricorn. The recent New Moon/Solar Eclipse was the last in a series to fall along the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This energy demands that we pay attention to our deepest needs and instincts. Our feelings for family and friends intensify. We seek security, safety and a sense of belonging.

This is great energy for getting in touch with our needs for intimacy. It also supports home improvement projects and ways to enhance domestic life.

Mercury stations direct in Cancer July 12th. Mercury remains in Cancer until August 4th. This is insular energy. It is good for identifying what nurtures and sustains us. Let your heart and your head work together in decision-making. With Mercury direct, communication improves.

I can see clearly now…

Neptune remains retrograde in Pisces. Seek clarity by listening to your true, deep intuition. Hidden information comes to light. Mystery solved.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of the Ace of Cups card includes vague thinking. Irrational indulgence of the emotions. Creating emotional “tsunamis” that can overwhelm or threaten to drown others (or ourselves).


Let’s focus on inviting and welcoming the healing qualities of water into our lives this week.


Power colors: the true color of the Ace of Cups is pure white brilliance. Also grey, indigo, aquamarine, turquoise and all the various colors of water.

Power stones: aquamarine, beryl, opal, amethyst, blue tourmaline. Also pearl, coral, blue topaz, blue fluorite, larimar, lapis lazuli and sodalite. Wear as jewelry or carry as power stones to channel the cleansing and liberating powers of water.

Power metals: mercury and copper. White metals (silver, white gold and platinum). All remind us of of water’s power of reflection, refraction and brilliance.

Power fragrances: aloe, gardenia, lilac, lily of the valley, passion flower and rose. Lotuses, water lilies and all water plants. These help us connect with our innermost emotions in a calm, peaceful and powerful way.

Power foods: foods prepared with apple, lemon, lettuce, lotus root, thyme and seaweed. Teas brewed from chamomile or rose hips. All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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