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6 of Pentacles (Disks)

Weekly Tarotcast™: 11-12-19 through 11-19-19

6 of pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles is this week’s Tarotcast card – known in the Thoth Tarot as the 6 of Disks. This suit is also called Coins. We can overcome financial crises and experience welcome material gains this week.

The energy of this card is great for acts of generosity on the emotional as well as the material level. We’re likely to have a better understanding and tolerance of other people. The Six of Disks is great for harmonizing and balancing opposing forces. We’ll have plenty of chances to use that energy to our own benefit and the benefit of others.

The Elements

The natural, pure and material success of Earth is in transition. The Moon’s phases are always changing, so it’s best to remember that all things pass. Failure gives way to success, decrease to increase, dark to light.

The Number 6

The sixes of the Minor Arcana restore harmony and balance. The fives cause disruption. They cleanse, regenerate and create conflict in a stable system. Afterward, the sixes bring affirmation, confirmation, validation and solidification.


On the Tree of Life this card represents the formula 6. Sephiroth or sphere 6, Tiphareth (Beauty). The sphere of the Sun, energy in completely balanced manifestation. In the suit of Disks (Assiah, the material world). The element of Earth – our physical bodies, senses, assets and resources – combined with the Moon in Taurus equaling Success.


The 6 of Pentacles (Disks) corresponds to the Moon in Taurus. It rules from 10 to 20 degrees Taurus, or May 1st through May 10th. So, if your birthday falls on or between these dates, you’ll be feeling this week’s energy even more than the rest of us. The moon is exalted in Taurus and the best lunar qualities have a chance to shine here. It’s definitely a happy place, so we may want to slow down a little to enjoy our successes.

In real-time astrology, the Sun continues its transit of Water-sign Scorpio. On November 12th the Full Moon in Taurus trines Pluto (the planetary ruler of Scorpio). Emotions are intense and deep. We may absorb others’ emotions too. It may be difficult to separate our own emotions from those of people around us. We will take these emotions to heart. This lunation is generally positive for completion of long-term projects. It is a nice complement to the energy of the 6 of Pentacles (Disks). Taurus’ patience and Scorpio’s tenacity can overcome almost any obstacle. Our chances for success are enhanced this week.

Mercury and Mars

While Mercury wraps up its retrograde in Scorpio, it will be joined by Mars on November 19th. Mars was the traditional ruler of this sign before Pluto was discovered, demoted, then “re”-discovered. The drive and passion associated with Mars is evident in sun-sign Scorpios. Mars also rules the Fire sign Aries. Those traits are seen with sun-sign Aries, however Aries tends to be more overt, in-your-face and openly aggressive.

Mercury Retrograde Ends

Mercury is about to turn direct in Scorpio on November 20th. I think we’ll be sighing with relief since along with the usual retrograde snafus and frustrations, this retrograde has been emotionally intense. There is a strong desire to seek – and to speak – the truth. Although that can be beneficial, it can make for some heated discussions and trips into uncharted territory.


Misuse, darkening or the shadow energy of this card includes greed and stinginess. Manipulation by withholding or granting material resources. Controlling others using material or financial resources. “Killing the golden goose.”


Let’s focus on love, understanding, support and charity. Even if you can only give a little – find a worthy cause close to your heart and contribute to it. Or give someone a material, emotional or spiritual helping hand.


Power colors: gold, amber, blue, silver, orange, olive and deep indigo blue.

Power stones: sapphire, emerald, turquoise and jade. Wear these as jewelry or carry them as power stones to remain grounded. We’ll use our resources well this week.

Power metals: copper (Venus) and silver (the Moon). Mix and match to make a spiritual (and fashionable) statement.

Power fragrances: violet, rose, poppy, gardenia and jasmine. Also, lotus, myrrh, sandalwood, coconut and wintergreen (mint) help us stay in the spirit of generosity this week.

Power foods: foods prepared with poppy seeds, lotus root, coconut and wintergreen. Beverages made with coconut (Pina Coladas, anyone?) or wintergreen/mint (Mojitos maybe?). All provide the same beneficial effects already described.

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