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NEW! Coaching

I’m excited to offer you a brand-new coaching experience with me! In my Special Introductory Coaching package, we will work together in 4 sessions over 4 weeks, targeting your specific relationship goal: attracting the right relationship partner for you, improving your current romantic relationship, staying or moving on, and healing from a breakup for a fresh start.

You get my relationship expertise, Tarot reading expertise including a card of the week to help you focus your intentions, strong, loving coaching, AND specific action steps to move you forward quickly.

Coaching with me is for YOU if:

  • You want to receive advice or counseling about your feelings and actions with the help of your card of the week.
  • You’re ready to take the information from our session and put it into positive, constructive, empowered action.
  • You’re ready to partner with an active listener who will compassionately encourage, guide, instruct and advise you to help you achieve your goals.
  • You’re ready for guidance as well as skill-building tools and practices – that you can use to create your best relationship ever.
  • You’re ready for a Breakup Buddy – special coaching designed to help you leave a toxic relationship or deal with any breakup and move on to a loving, healthy and happy YOU – and a new relationship that reflects that.
  • You’re ready to take your life off “hold,” get unstuck, and embrace positive change.
  • You’re ready for an accountability partner to help you keep the passionate, enthusiastic and positive commitment you’ve made to yourself and to achieving your goals and dreams.
  • You’re ready to partner with a non-judgmental, caring person who will co-create a safe, effective, private space for your personal growth and transformation – into a happy, vibrant, loving person with the partner of her dreams!

This special introductory coaching package will only be available for a limited time. Call or fill out this form for details – and let’s get going on creating the Love of Your Life™ – consciously, intentionally and passionately!

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