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Are Tarot readings real?

As a tarot reader for over 35 years, my short answer is “yes”. Forget what the media has shown you about the all-knowing, all-seeing, fortuneteller predicting dire doom or rosy perfection. The reality is that the tarot is a tool for connecting the reader and the questioner in an interactive process that accesses higher wisdom to explore possibilities and choices.

Life does not come with a guarantee; a tarot reading is no different. What all of us have is the present, and the ability to choose our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions for the best possible outcome. Will we falter and make mistakes? Of course we will, because we are human. A tarot reading can help guide the questioner and help him/her connect to the intuition we all possess and which serves us as an internal compass, if we are willing to pay attention to it. Neither readings (nor readers) can substitute for the life experience of a questioner, nor can the reading or the reader “make” things happen.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, intuition, huh?

When I am reading tarot, any (and sometimes all) of these abilities will assist me in answering questions. Not all abilities manifest at all times, but whatever information comes through in any form will be shared with the questioner.

Clairvoyance: the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the eye

Clairaudience: the power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear

Clairsentience: the power or faculty of having sensations, sense perceptions, or feelings

Claircognizance: the power or faculty of having knowledge or perception

Something we all possess, and which I encourage the questioner to be aware of during tarot readings (and at other times too), is the power of intuition.

Intuition: A direct knowledge or awareness of something without conscious attention or reasoning, non-intellectual perception.

I am also an empath, which means I can feel the emotional states of people with whom I am in direct contact (such as the questioner in a tarot reading), and other people with whom I am not in direct contact (such as those people whose lives interact with the questioner’s).

How to Get the Most from Your Reading

One of the most important things you can do before getting a reading is to properly frame your question. It is a way to focus and relax so that you are open to the information you’ll receive and to get the best information (answers) possible. When you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you’ll receive a FREE e-book that provides an in-depth look at how you can get your best reading ever!

Questions I Can Answer

• Career and Business Questions
• Education, Training, Skill-building Questions
• Love, Romance, Relationship Questions – current partners, prospective partners, potential (for those currently single/seeking)…

…and a special note on “exes”:
I can and will answer questions about your ex to the best of my ability, and I will share the answers honestly with you. Many years of experience have taught me that there is a reason exes are exes, whether the relationship is ever rekindled or not.

Focusing on an ex is a way to keep from moving forward with your own life. Focusing on whether or not he or she will ever return is detrimental to your health, happiness and well-being, and on some level, keeps you “waiting” – stagnating, and postponing life in the present.

If a person is not “here and now”, and if a relationship has ended (temporarily or permanently); I believe there is something or someone for you to be meeting, doing, experiencing, and enjoying. If the relationship was a mutually happy, functional, healthy, loving one, it would not have broken up.

• Life Purpose, Spiritual Path, Growth and Healing
• Manifesting Abundance


Questions I can NOT/will NOT Answer

• Medical Diagnosis/Treatment Questions – these questions and concerns are best posed to a trusted doctor or other qualified health care practitioner.
• Paternity Questions – it’s the 21st Century. DNA testing is available and highly reliable.
• Legal Questions – these questions and concerns are best posed to a trusted attorney or other qualified legal advisor.
• Gambling Numbers/Strategies, Lottery Numbers – illegal in most states and illegal in my home state, enough said.
• Definite/Guaranteed Timing and Outcome Questions – no one can guarantee when something will definitely happen, or even that it will definitely happen. Many factors affect both present and future events, not the least of which are your own thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions.

For me, timing in readings is shown as a window (or windows) of opportunity. Overall, your reading will provide you with useful information which I will share with you honestly, whether it’s potentially positive or negative – your life and your choices are yours alone.

Getting too many readings? Obsessed? Addicted?

Even a good thing can become harmful when it’s done to excess. A reading can be beneficial, but it is a tool for finding solutions, NOT a solution in itself. If you’re worried that you are getting too many readings; or fear that you are becoming addicted to or obsessed with readings, ask yourself:

1. Are you relying on readers and the information from readings more than you rely on your own intuition, judgment and common sense?

2. Are you being harmed financially by spending money you don’t have or haven’t budgeted on readings?

3. Do you get several readings a day/week or are you calling repeatedly over a short period of time to ask the same questions?

4. Do you plan your day and all of your decisions around the information you receive from readings?

5. Do you find you’ve put your life “on hold” waiting for predictions to occur?

6 Are you embarrassed, ashamed or secretive about getting readings?

7. Do you find that you feel only temporarily better, or even worse, after receiving a reading than before you got it?

8. Are you more confused, anxious, stressed, fearful, or “down” after receiving a reading(s), regardless of the information you received?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may have a problem but you’re not alone. There are many resources available to you for kicking the habit. These are some of the websites that can help you address the issue and put an end to self-destructive behavior.

Tests and Tips from Dr. Dave Greenfield and The Center for Internet Behavior
(found at virtual-addiction.com)


Sometimes, another reading is exactly what you DON’T need.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use my services. My services are intended to entertain and provide a means for reflection, and can provide insight on personal issues. My services do not provide nor are they a substitute for legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. My services do not constitute nor are they a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of any illness, of any kind.

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