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The Key to Building A Healthy Relationship When The Newness Wears Off

When a relationship is shiny-new, you’re often wearing rose-colored glasses and everything seems perfect. You may be a little nervous and anxious, but you get butterflies just thinking about your special someone. And you wonder about building a healthy relationship together. You’re almost giddy with happiness and excitement. But then, the glow fades a little, the rose-colored glasses come off, and you begin to see things you didn’t see before. You wonder, how can this relationship possibly last? Is building a healthy relationship possible? You may find yourself experiencing some or all of the following: you feel restless, resentful, or taken advantage of you’re having strong feelings of guilt and anxiety fears of abandonment and rejection are taking over your thoughts you’re saying “yes” when you really want to say “no” If you are committed to building a healthy relationship but you’re feeling and experiencing what I’ve described, you may be lacking something that can take your relationship to the next level – and the levels beyond, too. Boundaries Are Key What’s one essential key to a healthy relationship? Boundaries. Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. The feelings described indicate that you lack boundaries, have weak …
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