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Your Weekly Tarotcast™: The Sun

Weekly Tarotcast™:  1-09-18 through 1-16-18  The Sun The weekly Tarotcast card is the Sun. This card is one of the planetary trumps of the Tarot.  In some older fortune-telling traditions, the Sun is interpreted as the questioner, or the face that the questioner shows to the world.  Another, more modern way of interpreting this card is that the Sun reminds us that we are each a solar being.  We are light-beings in physical bodies, here in the material world. This …
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Your Weekly Tarotcast™: The Universe

Weekly Tarotcast™:  1-02-18 through 1-09-18  The Universe The weekly Tarotcast card is The Universe.  Known in many decks as The World, this is the last card of the Major Arcana. We’ll be experiencing strong feelings of success, completion, fulfillment and synthesis in key areas of our lives this week. In our work environment, this can mean the completion of a long-term project and we may see the effects of global influence in our business dealings. In our personal and romantic …
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