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Love and Relationships

How to Save a Relationship That’s Falling Apart: Taming the Green-Eyed Monster

There are lots of unhealthy feelings that arise in a relationship. You wonder how to save a relationship that’s falling apart. Your emotions can cause you to have thoughts that make you believe that there’s no hope. One of the most damaging emotions you or a partner can experience is jealousy. Feeling a little jealous in your romantic relationship is normal. It’s one way of showing that we love and value our significant other. Like a lot of things though …
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Your Weekly Tarotcast™: Six of Wands

Weekly Tarotcast™: 7-09-19 through 7-16-19 Six of Wands This week’s Tarotcast card is the Six of Wands. We’ll be experiencing the successful completion of a project or task this week. This energy is most welcome. It reminds us that whatever obstacles, difficulties or setbacks we’ve endured – we won. Rewards come for our hard work and persistent efforts. We are confident that what we have achieved is repeatable. We can build on this success again and again. The Elements Here, …
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Your Weekly Tarotcast™: The Hanged Man Tarot

Weekly Tarotcast™: 7-02-19 through 7-09-19 The Hanged Man Tarot This week’s Tarotcast is The Hanged Man Tarot card. We’re invited to gain a new perspective. We can turn the familiar, routine and status-quo point of view on its head. This card is a depiction of surrendering the ego to gain enlightenment. That’s pretty “heady” stuff indeed. We get “stuck” or “hung up” by focusing only on the material world. We forget that we are a part of the Divine – …
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Living Your Best Life

I haven’t thought of an exceptionally wonderful blog post for this topic yet. There’s one coming soon!

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Are Tarot and Divination the Same Thing?

Tarot is divination, but not all divination is Tarot. I haven’t thought of an exceptionally wonderful blog post for this topic yet. But I’ll have one soon!

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