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5 thoughts on “free gifts

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I’d be happy to help you with your questions. You can purchase a reading here on my website for a phone (or skype) appointment. Or you may purchase an e-mail reading from me.
      I read Tarot to earn my living and it is my sole means of support. I’m unable to offer free readings.

  1. Hi Helen,
    The first newsletter you’ll receive is due out on or around March 15 (sometimes I am a few days early or a few days later). I hope you’ll enjoy it. Your free e-books should already be accessible to you.

    I think there is a misunderstanding though – no where on my website or in my e-books do I promise anyone a free reading for signing up for my newsletter, following me on Twitter or Facebook, or under any other conditions. The free gift you receive for signing up are the two e-books. Also, if and when I run a special promotion for a discounted reading or anything else, you will know about it through the newsletter.

    When I used to do my radio show on BlogTalk Radio (I no longer do the show), listeners could call in for a free mini-reading. The site PsychicBitch.com (I am NOT responsible for the name of the site – apologies) allows registrants to submit questions for a free reading, but there is no guarantee which reader will respond to the question.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstanding, and that you enjoy your first newsletter.

  2. Hi,
    and a good Day to You I hope. Thank-You for the free gifts also. You made my day, Thank You very Much.
    I was a bit bored till I checked on my E-Mails , You’ve got me smiling !
    Have a Great Week and may the Good Lord watch over You ~


    Mrs. Helen Hunt

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