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3 thoughts on “free gifts

  1. Hi Helen,
    The first newsletter you’ll receive is due out on or around March 15 (sometimes I am a few days early or a few days later). I hope you’ll enjoy it. Your free e-books should already be accessible to you.

    I think there is a misunderstanding though – no where on my website or in my e-books do I promise anyone a free reading for signing up for my newsletter, following me on Twitter or Facebook, or under any other conditions. The free gift you receive for signing up are the two e-books. Also, if and when I run a special promotion for a discounted reading or anything else, you will know about it through the newsletter.

    When I used to do my radio show on BlogTalk Radio (I no longer do the show), listeners could call in for a free mini-reading. The site PsychicBitch.com (I am NOT responsible for the name of the site – apologies) allows registrants to submit questions for a free reading, but there is no guarantee which reader will respond to the question.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstanding, and that you enjoy your first newsletter.

  2. Hi,
    and a good Day to You I hope. Thank-You for the free gifts also. You made my day, Thank You very Much.
    I was a bit bored till I checked on my E-Mails , You’ve got me smiling !
    Have a Great Week and may the Good Lord watch over You ~


    Mrs. Helen Hunt

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