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About Last Night…

Sorry I was unable to broadcast live last night – sometimes despite my best efforts life and its attendant challenges just get in the way. I just wasn’t healthy enough to step up to the plate, even for a rant-fest.

Join me live next Tuesday – and in the meantime, check out the NEW Weekly Tarotcast – just click the tab up top to be up-to-date until next week!

Mercury Retrograde – Curses, Foiled Again!

Last night I was all set to do my radio show on BlogTalk when I experienced a combination technical/electrical meltdown – can you say “catastrophic failure”? I knew you could!

Anyway, the new Weekly Tarotcast is posted here on the site and I will cover what would have been this week’s show topic next week on August 16th – provided the Gods of Technology grant me that boon.

There will also be a brand-new Weekly Tarotcast next week so tune in!

Apologies all – and thanks for your patience and continued support of the show!

Love and peace,